PT. Quinnos is an information technology services company based in Bandung, Indonesia. We offer development services for website, web-app, and mobile-app. We are proud of our highly motivated and creative team, who love to develop new ideas and concept for your needs.

We believe that
“Quality is a prove, Innovation is a lead, Service is a trust”



Our vision is to become a trustworthy company which is fully responsible for the product we developed, the service we gave and our team interest.
– Give the best quality and service to our clients.
– Let our teams develop their own passion by doing what they do best.
– Build innovative product which bring benefits for the people.

Our Services

PT Quinnos offers software and hardware manufacturing services according to customer needs. Each application can be custom made according to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the company. Get to know us more by reading the details below.

Company Profile

Create a web company profile so that your customers and potential customers can easily get information and contact your company

E Commerce

Create your own online store, so that your business is more advanced and growing

Mobile Apps

Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone, it’s time to create a mobile app that can support business


Create an integrated information system to save time and money so you can focus on expanding your business

Automation System

With all the sophistication at the present time, the use of automation systems on electronic goods around us greatly facilitates all remote access to all these goods, therefore the development of automation systems is currently hype.

Our Works

Enterprise System

Welldone is an enterprise system that is used to carry out activities in an organization or company, welldone is intended to carry out all activities of buying, selling, production, delivery, point of sales, reporting. Welldone was originally intended for companies engaged in distribution only. but along with the changing times and the number of various system requirements for a company, Welldone is currently able to support the activities of companies engaged in various business fields.

Welldone HR

Welldone HR is Human Resources Information System (HRIS), an HR system designed for managing of human resources in the company. Some of the features offered are payroll, attendance, pph21 calculations, leave, overtime, reports, dashboards, etc.

Company Profile

PT.Quinnos provides company profile creation services for various business fields, where in making these company profiles based on the needs of an organization or company, of course this company profile is able to provide information in a display that is easily understood by the public.

Automation Control System

Automation control system (ACS) can be interpreted as a combination of mechanical, electrical, microprocessor systems that communicate with each other to a computer. Watch the video beside for an example of PT Quinnos’ ACS hardware.

Mobile Apps

In this era, smartphone has become a personal device that can help daily activities not only for entertainment or communication purposes but also as a tool to obtain data and information for business needs. It is can be seen from the number of companies that started to digitalize their products such as newspapers, magazines or services that include productivity and lifestyle. As one of the information technology service company, We are here to provide digital solutions in the form of mobile applications that can support and fulfill your needs.